New at Dizengoff NYC: Zahav Lamb Shoulder at Home

New at Dizengoff NYC: Zahav Lamb Shoulder at Home

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Call the family!  Text your friends!  Dizengoff NYC is now bringing you Zahav At Home with their signature Whole Roasted Lamb Shoulder meal for a crowd.  The lamb is brined, smoked, braised in pomegranate molasses until the meat is incredibly tender, and finished in the oven for a crispy exterior.  The best of all worlds – smoky and crispy, soft and tender, sweet and savory – it's a celebration all on it's own.

The Lamb Shoulder menu:

Whole Roasted Lamb Shoulder Pomegranate, Chickpeas
Hummus Tehina Olive Oil, Parsley
One Dozen Pita Fresh From The Oven
Salatim Beets with Tehina, Moroccan Carrots,
Twice-Cooked Eggplant
Persian Rice Barberries, Pistachio
Tehina Shortbread Cookies
Order details:
  • Serves 8-10 guests
  • Daily pick-up windows are 10am-12pm or 4pm-6pm

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